About Camilla

Finding the inner strength, motivation and power you need to face life’s challenges.

I have always been a lover of the outdoors and being active. My passion for horses is where it began, followed by being selected, at school, to train with my then idol, Sally Gunnell, at Crystal Palace athletics track, over hurdles. Yes- I LOVE to jump! Camilla Cresswell PT was born out of my sporting childhood. In my teens I was able to join a gym where I became a ‘spin’ fanatic - especially on colder darker nights- participating in back to back classes in what became my 2nd home at LA Fitness. In 2003, I completed my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification.

Post having a baby in 2015, facing the physical and mental challenges that followed becoming a mother I developed new found strength from exercising racehorses on a regular basis. Doing something I loved was completely empowering and it hit home how closely linked are physical and mental health. Loving people, fitness and being active, it was a no brainer I had to follow my heart to help and inspire others.

I am now a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, and passionate about helping you find the inner strength, motivation and power needed to face life’s challenges.

I have understanding & knowledge for athletes who need a change in programming, and empathy for those stuck working at a desk who need motivation, enthusiasm and positive energy. I can provide inspiration and changes to your fitness programming to help you achieve your goals.


Philosophy & Motivation

Fitness is essential for emotional and physical stamina and for overall health and wellbeing. My motivation to exercise is to feel great about myself, not so much for the physical benefits, they’re an added bonus! It’s about feeling happy and energised on the inside as much as the outside. Being active and breaking into a sweat is really important for the mind, body and soul. An active life improves sleep quality, cognitive function and lowers risks of mental illness. Fitness should be fun, setting realistic goals will encourage you to stay motivated and build on your confidence and self esteem.


I thrive on being outdoors, I am more than happy to train you outside of a gym environment come rain or shine. I will also inspire and help you find what you enjoy. My positive, upbeat and energetic persona will encourage and motivate you. 

We’ll start with a consultation where we will discuss your goals, current fitness levels and nutrition. I will then design a bespoke programme to help you on your fitness journey.

We all need a shake up in our fitness routine to make change happen, I am here to do just that FOR YOU!.